Aerius I 490 SL Quattro

¥595,000 (incl. Japanese VAT)
Price includes Kayak, Pack-Bags, Spraycover, Rudder-System, Repair-Kit and Instruction Manual.
490 cm
72 cm
29 kg (carbon: 23 kg)
Max. Payload
360 kg (390 l)
Assembly Time
appr. 15 Minutes
Wood (Option: Carbon Frame)
100% Cotton (Deck)
TPU (Hull)

The Aerius 490 is the ultimate single kayak. Its cockpit entry area is longer and wider than that of the Aerius 380 or the previous Aerius I 450, and it offers much space inside the body as well, providing comfort for paddlers of all sizes. The Aerius 490 has excellent directional stability and has outstanding seaworthyness. Thanks to its V-shaped hull, it is an astonishing fast folding kayak under normal load conditions, yet provides much secondary safety and great payload capacity for long and very long touring. The Aerius 490 is easy to handle, not only on the water, but also on land. Set-up is easy and fast - a joy for everybody experienced in more demanding folding kayak designs. The Aerius 490 comes with 3 pack bags, where necessary it can be packed into only 2, an appr. 133 cm long frame part bag, and a large backpack. For public transport, we recommend a collapsable kayak cart that easily fits into the kayak when paddling/cruising. A suitable sail for Aerius 490 is Klepper's "Drift Sail" designed mainly for tail winds. In combination with outriggers, the full-sail [S1] can be used on smaller lakes.

The Aerius 490 Quattro hull is made of very robust TPU that enables significant weight reduction compared to other skin materials. A special feature of the Quattro is a second set of air sponsons located below those that are standard also to Classic and Expedition. These additional air spnsons can be inflated partially or fully in order to gradually change the V-shape of the hull to a U-shape, adding primary stability in such uses as kayak sailing etc. By deflating the additional air sponsons, the hull shape is remodified to a V-shape within seconds, for such purposes as to paddle faster or longer distances.

The Quattro features a standard loading hatch behind the cockpit, with the option of another one in the front, is equipped with paddle pockets on the deck, and offers 4 deck colours and a 2-tone option to choose from.

Blue + Black(Option)
Red + Black(Option)
Olive + Black(Option)
Standard Specifications
  • Keel Stripe Skin Enforcement (Width 23 cm)
  • 4 Air Sponsons
  • Bow Protector
  • Standard Seat
  • Deck Rope with D-Hooks
  • Deck Rim Enforcement
  • Deck Straps
  • Paddle Holders
  • Loading Hatch (Aft)
  • Bicolor 10 cm black striped Deck Rim
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Comfort Seat
  • Seat Elevation Pad (3-9 cm)
  • Loading Hatch (Front)
  • Carbon Frame
Accessories (sold separately)
See Accessories Page for Klepper original accessories.