Red + Black(Option)

Aerius II 520 Expedition

¥610,000 (incl. Japanese VAT)
Price includes Kayak, Pack-Bags, Spraycover, Rudder-System, Repair-Kit and Instruction Manual.
520 cm
87 cm
appr. 30 kg
Max. Payload
380 kg (500 l)
Assembly Time
appr. 20 Minutes
100% Cotton (Deck)
TPU (Hull)

The Aerius II 520 has become world famous with its use in Hannes Lindemann's legendary Atlantic crossing in 1956.

In 2010 a design change evolved the 520 cm long double seater into a 545 cm version that has replaced the Aerius 520 in Europe and America as standard model. The additional length of the new Aerius II 545 mainly went into the cockpit size, providing the rear seat with significantly more leg room. In the Japan the Aerius 520 is kept in the standard program for customers that are looking for this 'replica' model, or that otherwise prefer the slighty shorter cockpit and length to the newer Aerius 545..

The Aerius 520 generally offers two special benefits, although the first is almost neglectable compared to the Aerius 545:

For use as single kayak, where leg room is abundant, the Aerius 520 may be slightly easier to assemble on land and turn on the water.

An option that may be interesting for users that need more flexibility in regard to number of seats is the 'AE II 520 Upgrade Set to an Aerius XXL': This set contains frame parts that extend your Aerius II 520 frame to an Aerius XXL 585 frame, as well as a 585 frame, 2 seats and one spraycover, and gives you the flexibility to set up your Klepper either as a 520 cm double seater, or a 585 cm long 3-4 seater.

A comprehensive set of both Aeries II 520 Expedition and the Upgrade Set to an Aerius XXL 858 Expedition is available at 998,500 JPY (incl. 8% Japanese VAT), a version with black coated frames at 1,030,000 JPY (incl. Japanese VAT).

The Aerius 520 Expedition hull is made of new TPU material with superior robustness enabling significant weight reduction. The Expedition features paddle pockets on the deck, optional hatches front and/or aft, and additional deck colours to choose from.

Blue + Black(Option)
Red + Black(Option)
Olive + Black(Option)
Standard Specifications
  • Keel Stripe Skin Enforcement (Width 25 cm)
  • 2 Air Sponsons
  • Bow Protector
  • Standard Seat
  • Rail for single seat position
  • Deck Rope with D-Hooks
  • Deck Rim Enforcement
  • Deck Straps
  • Paddle Holders
  • Bicolor 10 cm black striped Deck Rim
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Comfort Seat
  • Seat Elevation Pad (3-9 cm)(3〜9cm)
  • Loading Hatch (Front)
  • Loading Hatch (Aft)
Accessories (sold separately)
See Accessories Page for Klepper original accessories.