Aerius XXL 585 Expedition

¥680,000 (incl. Japanese VAT)
Price includes Kayak, Pack-Bags, Spraycover, Rudder-System, Repair-Kit and Instruction Manual.
585 cm
87 cm
appr. 35 kg
Max. Payload
450 kg (700 l)
Assembly Time
appr. 25 Minutes
100% Cotton (Deck)
TPU (Hull)

The large Aerius XXL 585 is an extended version of the Aerius II with a very long cockpit for accomodating up to 4 active paddlers or 3 kayak sailors, plus considerable luggage. In calm and safe conditions, it is possible for 1 or 2 children or pets to additionally board the boat. The Aerius XXL 585 offers tremendeous space and loading capacity, and provides for even more stability and slightly more speed than the Aerius II 545, making it a high quality family kayak, as well as a great kayak for paddling, sailing and long-touring as a tandem or triple seater.

Paddling the Aerius XXL 585 with 3 or 4 kayakers is as much fun as it can easily result in fast cruising speeds. Aerius XXL 585 is also suitable for various special use such as a meaningful tool for team building excercises, and missions that require a maximum of stability, pay load, and mobility. The Aerius XXL is as suitable for kayak sailing as the Aerius II 545, use of full sail [S1] on sea waters requires outriggers, as does use of the very large [S2] both on lakes and sea waters.

The Aerius XXL 585 frame is based on the Aerius II 520 frame,. A special Frame Extension Kit is available to upgrade your Aerius II 520 to a Aerius XXL 585, so that with the investment of about one and a half Klepper kayaks, it is possible to dispose of a choice of a two seater Klepper and a 3 to 4 seater Klepper (see also Aerius II 520).

The Aerius XXL 585 Expedition hull is made of new TPU material with superior robustness enabling significant weight reduction. The Expedition features paddle pockets on the deck, optional hatches front and/or aft, and additional deck colours to choose from.

Blue + Black(Option)
Red + Black(Option)
Olive + Black(Option)
Standard Specifications
  • Keel Stripe Skin Enforcement (Width 25 cm)
  • 2 Air Sponsons
  • Bow Protector
  • Standard Seat
  • Deck Rope with D-Hooks
  • Deck Rim Enforcement
  • Deck Straps
  • Paddle Holders
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Comfort Seat
  • Seat Elevation Pad (3-9 cm)
  • Loading Hatch (Front)
  • Loading Hatch (Aft)
Accessories (sold separately)
See Accessories Page for Klepper original accessories.