Below find frequenrtly asked questions and our replies.

Why is Klepper using wood for its kayak frames ?

An editor of a canoe magazine once said. "If wood would have been invented today, it would rank as the magic material of all time !" Klepper uses American White Ash and 3 years age dried Finnish Birch, woods of a quality level that makes for the ideal materials for the frame of a folding kayak. Wood is very strong and extremely resistant to stress or environmental influences. Wooden parts are wear-resistant, durable and remain highly reliable even after many years. In addition, wood is repairable in the field, and it is inexpensive. This set of qualities satisfies the needs for a reliable sea-going kayak like no other material reasonably available today. The only material with comparable reliability in Klepper's experience is carbon. Carbon frames aresignificantly lighter for on-land transportation purposes, However, this advantage bears little to no benefit on the water, and carbon is far less economical and also it is hardly repairable. Klepper's main frame material therefore is wood.

Is it possible to order frame parts individually ?

Yes it is. Klepper supplies all current and previous Aerius series frame parts and fittings individuallly. For previous models other than Aerius: Although replacement skins may be available, frame parts are not. For more information, please see Replacement Parts or contact us.

Can I give my Klepper kayak for repair ?

Repair is being done at Klepper Germany only. The Klepper distributor Bokkura Expedition can offer to handle your repair request, however in the majority of cases pruchase of new parts will be more economical and quicker for Asian users due to the high shipping costs and times. See also Warranty and Repair.

Is it difficult to assemble a Klepper folding kayak ?

From about the third time on, assembling a Klepper takes one person about 15 to 20 minutes.. Set up does not require any tools nor is it difficult to accomplish. Klepper frame construction is the result of a hundred years of experience, its snap-on system is highly refined and if ever you have been used to assembing other sorts of folding kayaks we are confident you'll enjoy the assembly. Setting up a double kayak talkes about 20-30 minutes when assembling alone, about half the time with help. Add another 3-5 minutes for rudder system and spray cover. Please visit the Video Gallery for watching the assembly of a single seater and a double seater.

Is it possible to renew only the deck part of a Klepper boat skin, or to renew only the hull portion (lower part of the skin) ?

In principle it possible to renew only the deck portion of a boat skin, or the hull only. However, in most cases where substantial shipping costs are involved, the replacement of the whole skin will make more sense. This is not last also due to the long life of Klepper frames: In the majority of cases, your Klepper frame parts are likely to outlive even a second boat skin, making your Klepper with new skin nearly as valuable as a completely newy manufactured one.

Can I use a double seater kayak for solo paddling or sailing ?

Klepper double seater kayaks very suitable for solo paddling and especially suitable for kayak sailing, be it solo or tandem. Although single seaters are slimmer and do go faster when paddled solo, the difference is not that big even against wind and waves. Depending on your activity the addtional comfort and stability of a double seater, as well as the huge payload capacity when paddled/sailed solo makes the double seater the preferrable kayak for solo use. The center seat position provides for the best trim for this purpose.

What are the delivery times when ordering via this website ?

For delivery times and other order details please refer to How to Order.