Online Shop

In order to keep running costs low, Bokkura Expedition stocks only a limited amount of articles in Japan, many items such as accessories are shipped from Germany upon receiving your order. For this reason and depending on your loaction, method of transport and general order status at manufacturer, delivery can take up to 3 months.

Bokkura Expedition is not running a shop floor with regular opening hours, our communication is focused on the internet (website, facebook, emails).

While we as individuals and kayak fans would be happy to meet in person every single visitor of this webpage, we believe that our current online shop suits best your need.

From Order to Delivery

Your purchase of items goes along the following flow. Prior to proceeding the below steps, please make sure to sufficiently inquire all relevant points of the items you intended to purchase. In order for us to give appropriate advise it will be helpful you let us know your intended field of activities. Please inquire until you are certain about your purchase decision.
1) Upon your request Bokkura Expedition issued you a [Quotation of Items]
2) As expression of consent to the Quotation you effect [Payment to Bokkura Expedition]
3) Your payment effects the irrevocable process of [Shipment of Goods]
4) Please let us know you well received all items, together with any questions or concern you may have. The purpose of your purchase is the activities after delivery, and these are our goal, too.

Delivery Times

For Items on stock at Bokkura Expedition

Stocked items are shipped out from our facilities within 2 days after confirmation of your payment.

For Items on stock at Manufacturer in Germany

Items that can immediately ship from Klepper Germany forecast 2 to 4 weeks until shipment takes place from Bokkura Expedition facilities.

While generally frame parts and major accessories such as paddles, rudders etc. are stock items at Klepper Germany, the color and grade of your boat skin (either as replacement or for a new boat) may not be available at time of order and requires the following delivery time.

Production by Order

Due to the variety of grades and deck colors, your desired boat skin or sail may not be available at Klepper Germany nor at Bokkura Expedition, requiring to effect manufacture to start upon your firm order. In this case and depending on the season, please allow up to 2 and a half months until shipment from Bokkura Expedition can take place.

Stock status at Klepper Germany changes constantly. In order to match delivery times with your needs, please contact us early and/or place your order of non-stocked items sufficiently in advance.

Order Changes/Cancellation, Returning Goods

Except for defective articles or erroneous deliveries, Bokkura Expedition GK does not accept returned goods nor requests for changing orders or goods.

In case of defective articles or erroneous deliveries, contact Bokkura Expedition within 7 calendar days by the same means of communication (usually email) like when you have placed the order. Depending on your location and the content of your order, corrective measures will vary.

Payment Methods

Please review the quotation issued by Bokkura Expedition carefully for accuracy of items and quantities, before placing your order by effecting payment. Payments are non-refundable. Payments that remain insufficient for over 7 calendar days result in order cancellation.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to bank accounts either in Japan or Germany, or by credit card payment。

Bank Transfer

Bank details are stated on the quotation for your order. Bank fees applicable for making the bank transfer are to be born by purchaser.

Credit Card Payment

For credit card payments a secure third party transaction routine is mailed to you by Paypal Holdings, Inc., .following your individual quotation.
Accepted credit cards are Visa, Master, and American Express.

Shipment Fees, Method of Delivery

Applicable fees

For deliveries within Japan, the shipment fee for orders of a value below 10,000 JPY is 1,000 JPY. For order values exceeding 10,000 JPY, shipment fee is 2,000 JPY. (For deliveries to Japanese destinations that are not covered by local delivery services,please inquire to Bokkura Expedition.)

For deliveries to destinations outside of Japan, please inquire with Bokkura Expedition.

Method of Delivery

Within Japan, delivery is conducted within 1 to 4 days by Yamato Unyu or other delivery services.

For deliveries outside Japan, please inquire delivery methods, times and fees per Contact Form.