Product Warranty

Klepper provides a 1 years warranty that Klepper products are free from defective workmanship and materials. Start of the warranty duration is the day your order.

Scope of Warranty

Klepper Lifestyle GmbH, Germany, (Klepper) warrants to the original purchaser that Klepper products are free from defective materials and workmanship. Under this warranty, any defective product will be repaired or replaced at our option, without charge for parts or labor.

In case that Klepper in its sole discretion judges that the defective product has been subjected to inappropriate, irregular or unintentional use, or has been used under inappropriate conditions, Klepper may exclude such product from the warranty.

The above terms apply to commercial use as well as private use.

Under no circumstances will Klepper or Bokkura Expedition GK be liable for consequential loss or damage of any kind.

In order to validate a product's warranty, purchaser shall register the item within 4 weeks of delivery, and present the individual warranty certificate in case of claiming a defect.

Registration of purchased items can be done through the vendor Bokkura Expedition or directly on Klepper's website (see here).

Change of Title during Warranty Period

Under the condition that the change of ownership is registered with Klepper, and the original warranty certificate be presented in case of defect, Klepper continues to warrant the product's quality for the remainder of the warranty perid. The authority to judge the cause of the defect and decide the corrective measure shall remain with Klepper.


Klepper frames and Klepper skins have individual serial numbers. The frame number can be found on the back of the "boomernag" (short cockpit frame part), the skin number is stamped onto the interior surface of the skin, usually ahead of the cockpit.

In case of loss of a valid warranty certificate, please contact us.


Bokkura Expedition is not conducting repairs of damaged items, but can offer to forward repair requests to the manufacturer in Germany for evaluation of the repair and possible quotation. Due to seasonal work load patterns, the manufacturer generally conducts repairs only in winter. Due to shipment costs both to and from Germany, in many cases it will unfortunately be more economical to order a replacement part than to repair. For evaluating if repair is possible as well as for preparing a quotation, in cases where photographic material is not sufficient to reliably assess the damage, it will be necessary to send the item to either Bokkura Expedition or Klepper Germany with both shipment to and from Bokkura Expedition or Klepper Germany be born by the costumer in advance. Shipment costs will not be refunded even in case the item is evaluated as not repairable.

For repaired items, Klepper warrants the repair to be free of defective workmanship or materials under the same conditions as above for product, however for a period no longer than 6 months starting from return shipment from Klepper or Bokkura Expedition. In case of a defect please present your receipt of repair.