Since Klepper introduced foldable kayaks in 1907, the folding kayaks have become popular as a means to take a break from everyday life, especially for city people. Times and fashions have changed, but the basic role of folding kayaks is still the same and no less precious than before.

Klepper's concept of highly versatile kayaks that meet the needs of a leisurely Sunday kayaking trip as much as a longer tourings, is backed up by long years of experience put into sophisticated design, manufactured in highest quality with most suitable materials for outstanding reliability and comfort.

Proven Quality and Seaworthyness

Quality and capabilties of Klepper folding kayaks have been proven in countless expeditions and Klepper continues to be the kayak of choice for missions requiring highest reliability and seaworthyness, including for services in various navies.

Highly Versatile

A decisive reason why Klepper folding kayaks are chosen for the most challenging expeditions lies in their high versaility. High stability large storage space and loading capacity, wide cockpit area and an choice of comfortable seating systems not only is the optomal platform for daring adventures, sailing trips and long touring, but also for leisurely paddling - alone or with family. Especially Aerius II which can be used as single or double, and in calm conditions even with a small family, is good for an amazing range of activities.

Full Sailing Capability

A special feature of Klepper kayaks is their capability for upwind kayak sailing in weak to moderate wind and wave conditions (up to about Beaufort 3-4). Upwind kayak sailing provides intermediate and advanced kayakers with a dimension of kayaking unknown to most kayaks, requiring favourable wind condtitions, appropriate equipment arrangement and depending on the latter a certain degree of skill/experience, and develop into an art in itself. Read more at Klepper Kayak Sailing.

Klepper Wooden Frame

The design of Klepper kayaks have developed and refined through 100 years of experience. The frame is both highly functional and robust, its wood work provides a high aesthetic quality. Klepper uses carefully selected and coated wood as frame material because it continues to be the optimal material for skin kayak frames: It is strong, elastic, durable and reliable, corrosion-free, and economical. There is no other material like it.

Long-time Support

Klepper cares about the needs of its customers, and provides each and any part of its kayaks as replacement part. In case of a model change, Klepper guarantees a minimum 10 years of replacement parts supply. Boat skins are available for models as far back as 1926 (for exceptions see Replacement Parts).

Compact and Mobile

Klepper kayaks are ocean-going, upwind sailing skin kayaks that easily diassemble for compact storage in your city apartment. For convenient transport by car, they come in three pack bags. When using public transport, single kayaks pack into two bags (one bag for Aerius 380). We recommend a collapsible kayak cart for comfortable travel - the cart stores inside the kayak and will be available wherever you go. Aerius series assembly is easy and takes less than 20 minutes. Add another 20-30 minutes if mounting sailing gear.

High Cost Performance

Klepper kayaks' robustness is achieved by the choice of best materials and highest manufacturing quality, and provides for exceptionally long service life. Requiring a minimum of maintenance under normal use conditions, frames frequently outlive their owners, while skins reach service lifes of 30 years and more. With Klepper's almost timeless design, as well as Klepper's longterm supply of replacement parts, Klepper kayaks retain a high value over long years, and yield high re-sell prices. Having a two to four times longer service life than other folding kayaks, Klepper is top in cost-performance.